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Shot #1 - Head Rig

University Project

A head rig created for a 3rd year university project and rendered with Arnold. Initial model created in 3DS Max and sculpted in ZBrush, initial textures were also painted inside ZBrush before being touched up in Photoshop. Blendshapes, rigging, muscle system and animation all done inside XSI. The muscle primitives are courtesy of Ryan Kingslien's female anatomy figure in ZBrush.

3DS Max, ZBrush, XSI, Arnold, Photoshop - 2013

Shot #2 - Environment Stills

Lead Environment Artist - Stina and the Wolf

Erosion and material tests created for the animated feature film Stina and the Wolf. Initial models created procedurally inside Vue before being eroded inside World Machine. Materials created and final rendering done inside Vue.

Vue, World Machine - 2012

Shot #3 - Anatomy Studies

University Project

Anatomy studies created for a 2nd year university project. Échorché diagrams created inside Photoshop. Initial models created inside 3DS Max then sculpted and rendered inside ZBrush. Initial reference images © 3D.SK.

3DS Max, ZBrush, Photoshop - 2012

Shot #4 - Life Drawing

University Project

Life drawing studies from 1st year of university. Timed sketeches ranging from 2 - 10 minutes in chalk and charcoal.

Chalk, Charcoal - 2011

Shot #5 - Real-Time Character Work

University Project - Final Year Dissertation

Character demo created for final year dissertation project on Characters for the Next-Generation of Games. Initial models created in 3DS Max and sculpted in ZBrush, final low-poly meshes retopologised in Topogun. Textures painted in both ZBrush and Photoshop. Real-time cloth simulation done using NVIDIA's Apex Clothing system in both 3DS Max and UDK. Final render captured real-time inside UDK.

3DS Max, ZBrush, Topogun, Photoshop, UDK - 2013

Shot #6 - 2001: A Space Odyssey Trailer

Group University Project - Organic Modeller

Group project in 3rd year of university to create a 2 minute trailer for 2001: A Space Odyssey, rendered with Mental Ray. Created both the monkies and spacemen entirely excluding the animation which is motion capture. Both models initially created inside 3DS Max, sculpted in ZBrush and rigged inside XSI. Textures painted in ZBrush and touched up inside Photoshop. Monkey fur was created using XSI Hair.

3DS Max, ZBrush, XSI, Photoshop - 2013

Oliver Farnes: Compositing, VFX and Modelling, Daniel Fry: Concept and Modelling, Laura Millar: Motion Capture.